What is Grand Rapids House and Home?

Grand Rapids House and Home (GRHH) is a hub for showcasing Grand Rapids, Michigan as the world class city that it is.

Prior to our return to Grand Rapids from Washington State, we embarked on an extensive journey of exploration. The burning question on our minds was, "How has this city transformed in the 16 years we've been away?"

Our return was met with a delightful revelation – Grand Rapids had evolved into a forward-thinking community that values the arts, celebrates diversity, and fosters a strong sense of community.

We also discovered a deep-seated passion for exceptional design and architecture within this vibrant community. As real estate agents with 9 years of experience we were surprised that this element of West Michigan was absent in online searches.

Our mission at GRHH is two-fold: to spotlight the compassionate and intentional leaders within our local area and to showcase the very best of Grand Rapids' design and architectural wonders. We are here to tell the stories of the houses and their owners within our hometown.

How do we plan to achieve this? Dive into the inaugural episode of the Grand Rapids House and Home Podcast, where we cover it all.

Work With Us

This current market is all about opportunity. Matt and Kate pride themselves on helping their clients recognize opportunities when presented, and guide them through the process of seizing those opportunities.

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